22nd June 2020 Minutes


Minutes of the Meeting of Glentworth Parish Council

Date: Monday 22nd June 2020                     

Venue: via ZOOM

Attendance: Councillors: J.Latham (Chairman), W.Annibal, C. Montgomery, M. Crampton, S. Tymoszczuk.  Also attending: G. Monks (Clerk) and District Councillor Howitt-Cowan and County Councillor Perraton-Williams.


2206/1 Apologies for absence

Apologies received and accepted from Councillors Lee, Hebborn and PCSO McFaul.

2206/2 Declarations of interest and dispensations from members in accordance with the Local Government

1. To record declarations of interest by any member of the council in respect of the agenda items.  None.

2. To note dispensations given to any member of the council in respect of the agenda items.          None declared

2206/3 Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Glentworth Parish Council held on Monday 18th May 2020

Councillors RESOLVED unanimously to approve the Minutes taken on 18th May 2020.

2206/4 Clerks Report

Councillors noted the report. 

2206/5 Chairman's/ Vice Chairman's report on activities undertaken on behalf of the PC

The Chair noted that he had drafted the response to planning applications 141044 and 141174.

2206/6 Representative Reports

County Council Issues: County Councillor Perraton-Williams reported she had liaised with Highways about ‘No Vehicle’ signage on Northlands Road track and they are reluctant to erect this.  The Clerk will forward the EMail he received from Highways about the track to her.  The Clerk will contact Glentworth Scottish Farms to ask if they are the owner of the track.  The County Councillor also reported that the council have been meeting virtually, the Eastern Bypass continues to be built and groups from Highways have been visiting villages to complete as many jobs as possible.  This will be an agenda item at the next meeting.  Councillor Latham noted the damage to Kexby Road and asked for a resurface.  The Clerk will forward the contact details of Kiely Bros to the County Councillor.

District Council Issues: Update provided.

Police Report: Nothing reported.

2206/7 Planning Matters to be Reported and Considered

141044, Land adjacent to 2 Church Street Glentworth Lincolnshire DN21 5DG, 1no. dwelling - redesign of approved plot 1 under application 135838 – Councillors RESOLVED unanimously to ratify the comments. 141094, 14 Kexby Road Glentworth Gainsborough DN21 5DQ, two storey side extension – comments were that materials should be in keeping with the surrounding area due to the prominence of the dwelling. 141174, Land between Hawthorn Close and Elizabeth Close Glentworth Gainsborough DN21 5ED, erection of 1no. dwellingThe District Councillor will try to arrange this to go to Planning Committee.  It was noted that the original conditions applied when Hawthorn Close included that at least 5% must be Open Space.  Councillor Latham requested that a planning officer attend one of the Parish Council meetings to explain how the Neighbourhood Plan is taken into account.  The District Councillor will try to arrange this.

2206/8 Review of Internal Audit Report and approval of the payment of the fee

The Clerk presented the report showing no issues. Councillors RESOLVED unanimously to pay the fee of £30 to the internal auditor.

2206/9 External Audit Exemption

Councillors RESOLVED unanimously not to declare exemption from the External Audit.

2206/10 To review and Approve the 2019/20 Annual Governance Statement

Councillors reviewed the statement.  Councillors RESOLVED unanimously to approve the Annual Governance Statement.

2206/11 To Consider the 2019/20 Accounting Statements

Councillors considered the accounting statements.

2206/12 To Approve the 2019/20 Accounting Statements

Councillors RESOLVED unanimously to approve the accounting statements.

2206/13 Zoom Subscription

Councillors RESOLVED unanimously to subscribe to Zoom for 1 year.

2206/14 Data Protection Fee

Councillors RESOLVED unanimously to pay the data protection fee of £40.


2206/15 Accounts

Councillors RESOLVED to approve the financial report and authorise electronic payments 600 to 603.

            Payee                                                                                                                          Amount

600      B.Solly (Internal Audit Fee)                                                                                          £30

601 LALC (ZOOM subscription)                                                                                              £78.40

602      G.Monks (reimbursement Land Registry fees)                                                                £18

603      Information Commissioner (Data Protection Fee)                                                           £40

2206/16 To receive reports for discussion

Play Area and Pocket Park risk assessment report by the Clerk:  The Clerk reported the defibrillator is in working order.  The Clerk will ask Paul The Gardener to cut the Pocket Park hedges.  Councillor Annibal will ask the Village Hall Committee to trim the plants in front to the hall signage.

Recreation area project: The Clerk has requested a quotation to be sent from HAGS.  Councillor Crampton wil discuss grant options with Councillor Hebborn.

COVID-19: Councillors agreed that the measures should remain in place.

Defibrillator: The Clerk provided an overview and noted he had sent letters to households on the south side of the village asking whether they may have a suitable location to install a defibrillator.  There has been one response received so far and the Clerk will liaise with WLDC with respect to this whilst waiting for any further options.

Northlands Road Track: This was discussed under the County Council agenda item.

Lorries Travelling through Glentworth: The Clerk will ask that Kiely Bros cover the cost of the new speed sign in Glentworth by way of a gesture of good will.

Hogweed Issue: A parishioner has raised concerns over the presence of Hogweed in the verges around the village.  The Clerk will ask Paul The Gardener to assess this issue.

Thank you to Councillor Lee: Councillors unanimously agreed to express their thanks to Councillor Lee for his time as Chair of Glentworth Parish Council.  The Clerk will draft a letter to Councillor Lee.

2206/17 Correspondence for Information

All correspondence received was noted. 

2206/18 Minor items/ Agenda items for the next meeting

Items noted in these Minutes will be agenda items at the next meeting.  Councillor Tymoszczuk reported a humming noise in the village.  The District Councillor pointed out this was from World Grain and, when assessed, the noise was found to be below the acceptable limit.

2206/19 Date of Next Meeting

The next Meeting of Glentworth Parish Council will be on Monday 20th July 2020.


Meeting Ended: 21.11