7th September 2020 Minutes


Minutes of the Meeting of Glentworth Parish Council

Date: Monday 7th September 2020        

Venue: via ZOOM

Attendance: Councillors: J.Latham (Chairman), W. Annibal, S. Tymoszczuk,.  Also attending: G. Monks (Clerk) and District Councillor Howitt-Cowan plus three representatives of Quantum Air Fibre.


0709/1 Apologies for absence

Apologies received and accepted from Councillors C. Montgomery, M. Crampton, C.Hebborn and PCSO McFaul and County Councillor Perraton-Williams.

0709/2 Declarations of interest and dispensations from members in accordance with the Local Government

1. To record declarations of interest by any member of the council in respect of the agenda items.  None declared

2. To note dispensations given to any member of the council in respect of the agenda items.         None declared

0709/3 Minutes of the Meeting of Glentworth Parish Council held on Monday 20th July 2020

Councillors RESOLVED unanimously to approve the Minutes taken on 20th July 2020 with one amendment.

0709/4 Quantum Air Fibre Presentation

Representatives explained the offer from Quantum Air Fibre.  They would provide a gigabit capable connection (120mbps to 1gb) to households in the village via a fibre connection to households, significantly faster than the traditional copper connection that most households currently have.  The company would take advantage of the Rural Gigabit Voucher Scheme provided by the Government to fund the introduction.  A minimum number of households would need to show interest for it to be viable and this will define the pricing structure, minimum £29 per month (no line rental). The next step is for households to express an interest on the Quantum Fibre website to gauge interest levels in the village (www.quantumairfibre.com).  A link to the recording of the presentation can be found on the Parish Council website.

0709/5 Tribute to Councillor Lee

The Clerk was asked to place a tribute to Councillor Lee on the noticeboard as follows:

The Parish Council was very saddened to hear of the recent passing of Brian Lee.  Brian was a long-serving member of the Council and until earlier this year served as it’s Chairman.  Communities such as ours often rely on the willingness and commitment of volunteers, who quietly serve on committees and so contribute to the life and vitality of the village. Brian was one such person.  We had hoped to see Brian return to serve on the Council but sadly that was not to be; we will miss his advice and experience but will be able to reflect on the contribution he made over many years.

Our condolences and best wishes go to Gill and the rest of Brian’s family and his many friends.  May he rest in peace.

0709/6 Clerks Report

Councillors noted the report. 

0709/7 Chairman's/ Vice Chairman's report on activities undertaken on behalf of the PC

Nothing to report.

0709/8 Representative Reports

County Council Issues: No update received.

District Council Issues: The report by the District Councillor was noted.

Police Report: Nothing reported.

0709/9 Planning Matters to be Reported and Considered

141174, Land between Hawthorn Close and Elizabeth Close Glentworth Gainsborough DN21 5ED, erection of 1no. dwelling – an extension has been agreed by the planning authority to 17th September.  Councillor Latham will attend Planning Committee once this is scheduled.

0709/10 Accounts

Councillors RESOLVED to approve the financial report and authorise electronic payments 607 to 612.

                Payee                                                                                                                                                                   Amount

607 BHIB (Annual Insurance)                                                                                                                                            £343.13

608 G.Monks (salary July 2020)                                                                                                                  

609 G.Monks (salary August 2020)                                                                                                                           

610 Paul The Gardener (Pocket Park Maintenance)                                                                                                         £52.50

611 BCW Office Products Ltd (Road signs)                                                                                                                       £107.30

612         Playsafety Ltd (Annual Play Area Inspection)                                                                                                      £94.80

0709/11 To receive reports for discussion

Recreation area project: There has been no significant progress. 

COVID-19: Councillors agreed that the measures should remain in place.  NALC continues to recommend virtual meetings.

Defibrillator: Councillors RESOLVED unanimously to accept the kind offer from 3 Hawthorne Close as the location for a second defibrillator for the village and to apply for the defibrillator grant through WLDC.  The Clerk will create a formal agreement between the householder and Parish Council.

Northlands Road Track: The Clerk has spoken with Glentworth Scottish Farms who are checking whether they own the track.  Councillor Latham and the Clerk will erect the new signage at either end of the track and try to remove the unsafe equipment from the play park.

Parish Council Website Development: The Clerk reported that the website transition has made good progress.  It was agreed that a link would be made to the WLDC website for the village neighbourhood plan.  Councillor Latham noted that there is a need to promote the work of the Parish Council to residents.

Employee Salary: Councillors RESOLVED unanimously to adopt the new NALC pay rates, backdated to April 2020.

Christmas Tree: Councillor Annibal will ask Glentworth Scottish Farms if they will support the Christmas Tree this year and also provide fencing if required.

2007/12 Correspondence for Information

All correspondence received was noted. 

2007/13 Minor items/ Agenda items for the next meeting

Items noted in these Minutes will be agenda items at the next meeting. 


2007/14 Date of Next Meeting

The next Meeting of Glentworth Parish Council will be on Monday 19th October 2020.


Meeting Ended: 21.10