24th February 2020 Minutes


Minutes of the Meeting of Glentworth Parish Council

Date: Monday 24th February 2020                  

Venue: Glentworth Village Hall

Attendance: Councillors: B.Lee (Chairman), C. Hebborn, C. Montgomery, M. Crampton and J. Latham.  Also attending: G. Monks (Clerk) and District Councillor Howitt- Cowan.


2402/1 Apologies for absence

Apologies received and accepted from Councillor Annibal, Councillor S. Tymoszczuk, County Councillor Perraton-Williams and PCSO McFaul.

2402/2 Declarations of interest and dispensations from members in accordance with the Local Government

1. To record declarations of interest by any member of the council in respect of the agenda items.  None.

2. To note dispensations given to any member of the council in respect of the agenda items. None declared

2402/3 Minutes of the Meeting of Glentworth Parish Council held on Monday 6th January 2020

Proposed Councillor Lee seconded Councillor Montgomery and RESOLVED to approve the Minutes taken on 6th January 2020.

2402/4 Clerks Report

Councillors noted the report.  The problem of fly tipping on Northlands Road was discussed.  District Councillor Howitt-Cowan will raise the issue with West Lindsey District Council. The Clerk will notify PCSO McFaul and publish a note in Glentworth News.

2402/5 Chairman's/ Vice Chairman's report on activities undertaken on behalf of the PC

The Chairman had nothing to report. 

2402/6 Representative Reports

County Council Issues: None reported.

District Council Issues: Councillors noted the report provided by the District Councillor.

Police Report: Nothing reported.

2402/7 Planning Matters to be Reported and Considered

140424, 2 Peacock Row Cottages Church Street Glentworth DN21 5DJ, proposed front porch – no comments were made.

2402/8 Church Clock

Councillors agreed that the cheque should now be released seeing that the auto-winder system is functioning correctly.

2402/9 LALC membership subscriptions and Training Scheme

Proposed Councillor Crampton seconded Councillor Lee and RESOLVED to renew LALC membership and training membership.  The training membership usage should be reviewed in Autumn.

2402/10 Accounts

Proposed Councillor Montgomery seconded Councillor Latham and RESOLVED to approve the financial report and to sign cheques 586 to 587.

     Payee                                                                                                                          Amount

586           G.Monks (January 2020 salary)                                                                                    

587 G. Monks (February 2020 salary)                                                                                


Budget 2020/21: Proposed Councillor Lee seconded Councillor Montgomery and RESOLVED to finalise the budget for 2020/21.

2402/11 To receive reports for discussion

Play Area and Pocket Park risk assessment report by the Clerk:  The Clerk reported no new issues with play equipment and the defibrillator is in working order.

Recreation area project: Councillor Hebborn presented revised plans for the recreation area.  Revised quotations for the work will be sought.  Funding options are being considered from Awards for All.

Northlands Road Footpath: The Clerk has received no quotation from EC Surfacing for improvements to the surface of the track between Northlands Road and Church Street.  No response has been received from the track owner. 

LRSP speed signs: The Clerk presented a speed warning sign quotation.  Further options will be sought. 

Risk Assessment: Proposed Councillor Latham seconded Councillor Crampton and RESOLVED to accept and adopt Councillor Activities, Risk review, the review of Internal Controls and asset register.

Village Hall Water Softener: Proposed Councillor Crampton seconded Councillor Latham and RESOLVED to donate £400 toward the installation of a water softener in the Village Hall.  The donation will be made once the Village Hall Committee have settled the final invoice.

2402/12 Correspondence for Information

All correspondence received was noted.  Councillor Montgomery said that a summary Neighbourhood Plan document will be printed and circulated to residents in the coming weeks. The Clerk will report an uneven road surface on Hanover Hill to LCC Highways.

2402/13 Minor items/ Agenda items for the next meeting

Items noted in these Minutes will be agenda items at the next meeting.

2402/14 Date of Next Meeting

The next Meeting of Glentworth Parish Council will be on Monday 30th March 2020.


Meeting Ended: 21.25