18th May 2020 Agenda APCM


   The Annual Meeting of Glentworth Parish Council will take place via SKYPE on Monday 18th May 2020 commencing at 7.30 pm

Public participation

Members of the public may raise subjects which they wish to bring to the attention of the Parish Council.

Items relating to matters on the agenda will be taken first and any decisions will be made when the meeting

is declared opened.  The time will be restricted to 15 minutes maximum unless the council decides

otherwise.  Listeners should note that decisions cannot be made at this meeting on items not on the agenda.



1805/1             Election of Chairman and receive Declaration of Acceptance of Office

1805/2              Apologies for absence

1805/3             Election of Vice- Chairman

1805/4             Election of other Officers and Committee representatives

  • Village Hall representative.
  • Personnel Committee.
  • Play Area Project Representatives
  • GDPR representative

1805/5             Minutes of the Meeting of Glentworth Parish Council held on Monday 30th March 2020

1805/6             To Review and Approve Standing Orders

1805/7             To Review and Approve Financial Regulations

1805/8             To appoint an Internal Auditor for 2020/21

1805/9             To Review and Approve the Health and Safety Policy

1805/10            To Review and Approve the procedure for handling requests under the Freedom of Information Act 2000

1805/11            To Review and Approve Equal Opportunity Policy

1805/12            To Review and Approve Complaints Procedure

1805/13            To Review and Approve Disciplinary and Grievance Hearing Procedure

1805/14             To Review and Approve the Data Protection Policy

1805/15            To confirm Councillors have reviewed their Register of Interests

1805/16            To adopt the section 137 limit 2020/21

1805/17            To consider 2020/21 PC Meeting dates/time/venue

1805/18            Review the Internal Audit Report and approve the payment of the fee

1805/19             External Audit Exemption Consider whether to declare exemption

1805/20             To Review and Approve the 2019/20 Annual Governance Statement

1805/21             To consider the 2019/20 Accounting statements

1805/22             To Approve the 2019/20 Accounting Statement

1805/23            Planning Matters to be Reported and Considered: 140984, 36 Church Street Glentworth Gainsborough DN21 5DJ, removal of garage and erection of cabin; 140993, Glentworth Hall Northlands Road Glentworth Gainsborough DN21 5DL, new gates and piers; 140994, Glentworth Hall Northlands Road Glentworth Gainsborough DN21 5DL, Listed building consent for new gates and piers.

1805/24            Accounts

  • To receive the financial report
  • To approve the final financial accounts for 2019/20
  • To approve payments for: G.Monks (April 2020 salary) £258.96;

B.Solly (Internal Audit Fee) £40; Paul The Gardener (Pocket Park Maintenance) £17.50;

G.Monks (mileage) £17.10; A Deptford (defibrillator battery & pads) £118

1805/25            To receive reports for discussion

  • Play Area and Pocket Park risk assessment Report by the Clerk
  • Recreation area project Update
  • Speed Warning sign Update
  • Covid-19 Review of community measures
  • Defibrillator Discussion whether a second is required

1805/26             Correspondence for Information

  • Paul Howitt-Cowan update (circ 13/5)
  • Think Local Campaign (circ 13/5)

1805/27             Minor items/ Agenda items for the next meeting

1805/28             Date of Next Meeting


G Monks                                                13th May 2020